Working from home

You may already know I’m a C# developer. At the back end of last year I began work for the software team at a logistics
firm in the UK. The difference with this job? I get to work from home.

Now, I appreciate it’s not for everyone, but it works really well for me. I decorated the back bedroom of our house, rearranged my desk and now call it my office. I get up at the same time as I used to, and once my wife has left for work, I also “go to work”.

“But how do you communicate with the other developers?” I hear you ask. Well I have a company mobile phone, and us developers all have Skype installed on our laptops. This allows for instant messaging and file transfer, as well as voice calls and conferences. With the addition of the occasional meeting at the offices of a local distribution centre, it works.

So while it may not work for everyone (and I was sceptical at first) it seems that it was a gamble worth taking. I’m generally more relaxed, get more done, and don’t have the stress of the 1 hour drive up the motorway twice a day.

Anyone else tried it? Maybe have a different opinion?

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