FogBUGZ 6.0 Case Web

In addition to my previous thoughts on the truly excellent FogBUGZ, what I’ve just realised I’d love to see is some kind of graphical display, showing me cases that are linked together.

The phrase “Case Web” springs to mind, but essentially it’s a spider diagram that would allow zooming, dragging, etc. Look at and you’ll see what I mean.

I’m thinking literally small boxes with the case number in (hover over and you get the mini-preview like in the single case view) with lines joining them together. I might try and knock up a desktop app as a prototype to see how it looks.

Also, I’d really like to see the concept of packages of work in FogBUGZ. A release may contain a number of cases, but a group of those cases might be the “new editing screens” cases, and the only way I can find to link them together is to add “case xxx, case yyy” etc to every case in the group, which is unmanageable when you want to add a new case to that package of work. Am I missing something?