FogBUGZ 6.0

Is great, and only misses two really important features for me:

  • I know this sounds silly, because you can sort cases by any column, but what I want is an “order of work” column.  Each case chould know what case comes before it, and I (and my boss who decides priorities) want to be able to drag cases up and down the list.  This allows us to define which priority 1 to do first.
  • When you “do something” to a case, FogBUGZ is clever enough to change it’s status (“Resolved (implemented)”, etc).  It’d be really nice if it then knew who to automatically assign it to based on the new status.  This might be an individual or a team, I don’t know, but would be great for assigning cases to testers when development work is done.  A full-blown user-configurable workflow would be amazing…

Oh, and as an amateur photographer I’d also like to be able to submit my own photos (or links to photos on Flickr) as the “Photo of the Day” thing.  I know it won’t improve the team’s productivity, but it would be cool!

Keep up the good work, Fog Creek!