LinkedIn is dead to me

Dear LinkedIn.

You don’t realise this, but your site is dying. It’s suffering from the social media equivalent of an auto-immune disease. The problem is recruiters. Recruiters who hassle us and pretend they’re our friends or prior connections, when in fact they are not.

I no longer use LinkedIn because I can’t – most of the activity is recruiters spamming me and the signal/noise ratio is impossible to overcome. I’m only keeping my account open so no-one takes over my name somehow.

The solution? Recruitment-specific functionality. Functionality that allows those of us not “open to new opportunities” to opt-out, and instead maintain a professional network with those we’ve actually done work with. Functionality that allows recruiters to actually connect with people who are looking for work. Keep that separate from the typical “network”, which ought to accurately represent my professional connections, not a bunch of lazy recruiters whom I’ve never done business with.

Yours regretfully,

A consternated user.

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