Windows 8 – The end of an error?

So I hear there’s some news about a new Windows, and people are worried by the 5-minute Windows 8 press release because it mentions HTML5. Some people are really worried. I’m not in tears myself just yet, though I would be upset if the scare-mongers are proved right.

Personally I’m just (finally) starting out in WPF. I really like it and if I’m honest I’m not a great fan of HTML/CSS because of the inconsistencies between browsers. I’m aware I’m not alone in that respect. My worry isn’t about historical investment in WPF, but the fact that I’m just starting out. I hope I’m not writing the new Betamax for my new apps.

However, If one takes a deep breath, relaxes and looks at it again, one could surmise that it’s unlikely .NET will be dropped totally. MS do have a good history (often to their own detriment) of backwards-compatibility, and I reckon that in the fullness of time there will be "layers" of apps:

  1. HTML5/CSS3 for tiles and "widgets", though SL might be part of the "tile" story.
  2. LOB apps that want to talk to local databases and/or webservices etc but still solve the business problems in a RAD-fashion will be Silverlight and WPF (WinForms will surely be supported but possibly discouraged for new apps and relegated to the “legacy” UI that so closely resembles Win7 in the video).
  3. Device drivers and those apps that need to get down to nitty-gritty close-to-the-metal stuff or require super-duper high performance will be for C/C++ devs with brains far larger than mine.

It’s not much different from the decision that WP7 apps being totally SL-based. They’re trying to tidy-up a long-established line of inconsistent apps and UI tech to give "mom and pop" users a better experience. My Dad loves his iPhone but still struggles with the fact that Windows isn’t the Pit of Success when it comes to usability and stability.

Let’s face it, advanced users (application/IT support, testing teams, DBAs, developers) will not use this new HTML5 veneer all that much, because it’s not meant for them. This is MS taking a look at their customer base, comparing it with the iPhone customer base, and realising they need a simpler OS UI that allows people to watch videos, check emails, mess with their pictures etc. It’s simply moving to a "task-based UI" on a grander scale.

Of course, tooling goes a long way to calm .NET devs in these situations. At the moment many may be worried by the prospect of using Notepad to write their Windows apps and struggle with debugging and implementation inconsistencies. However I’m sure that companies like JetBrains and DevExpress will be there to help.

It will be fine, don’t worry. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Windows 8 – The end of an error?

  1. It’s a nice refresher to hear some sanity concerning the Windows 8 news – Microsoft has a LONG history of backwards compatibility, and yet people still think it’s the end of .NET.
    .NET/WPF isn’t going anywhere (except forward) and it’s nice to see someone else can see that.

    Nice blog title by the way :: )

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