Visual Studio Screen Real Estate

I have to say first that I am a total keyboard-freak. I use keyboard shortcuts for all Visual Studio and ReSharper commands. Over Christmas, my main dual-24”-screen development machine developed a fault, and I fell back to my (excellent and highly recommended) Lenovo ThinkPad X201. Of course screen real estate was suddenly an issue, and I decided to do something radical.

I got rid of all the toolbars.

Yep – all of them.

Literally, I right-clicked the toolbar, and un-checked every single one, in both design mode and debugging mode. I then found and installed the Hide Main Menu plugin for Visual Studio.

Now Visual Studio looks like this:


This is good, I like this. Then I fixed my desktop PC, and didn’t want to lose the goodness, but also wanted to make use of VS2010’s improved multi-monitor support. I exported All Settings->General Settings->Window Layouts options to SingleMonitor.vssettings, put that file into my shared DropBox folder to sync it to the desktop, imported it, and customised VS to look like this:


I’ve exported those window layouts to MultiMonitor.vssettings, so I can easily switch between them. Sometimes I move to a single screen even on the desktop in order to read documents/websites on the secondary monitor, or when screen sharing with my colleagues.

If you want my window layout files, you can find them on my page.

Additional Tips:

  1. Don’t forget when customising your window layouts to also customise them when debugging, as VS will switch between layouts as you start and finish debugging.
  2. Try closing toolwindows too. If you learn the shortcuts to get them back (or alternatives) it makes for a much cleaner feel.
  3. Try replacing the solution explorer with ReSharper’s “CTRL+T” command. It’s faster and doesn’t take up space.
  4. Try working in full-screen mode when actually coding (toggle using SHIFT+ALT+ENTER).

I appreciate I may have taken this as far as I could without using vi or something, but hopefully it serves as a little inspiration.


2 thoughts on “Visual Studio Screen Real Estate

  1. I love Hide Main Menu – great idea!
    If you’re a keyboard-freak then you should definitely try ViEmu or VisVim, you’ll love it, just make sure you start with ViEmu’s greate Vim Cheat Sheet, otherwise the learning curve is really steep.

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