Poor man’s KVM

I have two PCs but one keyboard and monitor. Rather than shell out for a KVM, I plugged each PC into a different port on the monitor, and use the menu to switch between them.

For the keyboard I put a USB extension lying on the floor near the main PC, and I just get on my knees to swop the keyboard between it and the back of the main PC.

I don’t need to do this too often, so it works quite well enough for me. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Poor man’s KVM

  1. If you’re on Windows won’t remote desktop be easier? If you want to avoid the signing up deal you could save your password and keep a shortcut to your desktop that way you could avoid the kneeling on the floor part and all the other stuff

    1. Yes RDP would be loads easier, and sometimes I do use that. However, I do photo editing and a little gaming on the other PC, and RDP wouldn’t really cut it in those situations. 🙂

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