Too Hard == Broken?

I’ve spent a few hours over the last couple of days trying to get NHibernate to work. I failed. As soon as I call Configuration.Configure() I get an exception. I’ve tried various combinations of app.config and hibernate.cfg.xml files etc to no avail. I give up.

And this isn’t the first time I’ve had this. I’ve started to think, that if I can’t get something to work, its effectively a fault. A bug, no less. I’ve blogged about the risk of learning a new framework, and this proves my point perfectly.

I’ve taken to giving up on things like this.  I have better things to do with my time than work through problem after problem after problem trying to get something working.  I even recently uninstalled Resharper, because while it was very good, it stopped my solutions opening quickly. Sometimes entirely.  Again, broken.

So I’m going to look for an alternative to NHibernate that I can get running, and therefore “works”. It’s official – NHibernate is broken.

Unless you can help me out…

2 thoughts on “Too Hard == Broken?

  1. I tend to agree. I’ve used hibernate with java for over a year, and found it a very good ORM, however the .NET version falls very short. Managed to get over the configuration nightmare after a couple of hours, but then setting up a transaction management component has just chewed up another 2 hours of my time, and it’s just been far too painful. Not that happy about using .NET in the first place, but then throwing in a half baked java port into the mix has turned a simply unpleasant experiance into a true nightmare. Which ORM should I be going for on the .NET platform?

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