Why won’t they subsidise the iPhone?

My 18-month contract was up in December, and I’m in the market for a new mobile device. I say “device” rather than “phone” because I have a few requirements outside of a standard phone:

  • Reliability (no crashes, need to restart etc).
  • Largish screen (at least larger than that on my Sony Ericsson w810).
  • 3G internet browsing.
  • Wi-fi.
  • Fast UI.
  • Ability to display web pages properly, rather than cut-down WAP-style pages.
  • Ability to run Java (for the Google Mail application etc).
  • Subsidised by the network operator.

I’d dearly love an iPhone, but since Apple have clearly told o2 (the only operator in the UK to offer iPhone) not to subsidise the cost of the handset, I won’t be getting one. Not to mention the fact that even iPhone v2.0 is rumoured not to have 3G. It’s lovely just no good for me; £300+ is a lot of money to spend on something that doesn’t have all the things on my list

So I’m looking at Nokia n-series now. I like the N96 and the N810, but I haven’t investigated the price in the stores yet.

Of course the “right” thing to do is to keep my phone (which is working fine, though I really wish the screen was bigger and it had 3G) until the perfect phone comes along to blow me away with it’s coolness. iPhone 3.0, anyone?…

Update: I’m going for N96 if anything; I just found out the N800 and N810 don’t even have internet connections – they rely on wi-fi or a bluetooth connection to a mobile phone!  Rubbish!

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