Review your settings

If you’re like me, the first thing you do once a new piece of software is installed is go through settings.  You may also be someone who changes desktop backgrounds and screensaver settings immediately after a fresh install, and how keeps their Start menu programs immaculately organised.  You almost always select “Advanced…” when working through the installation wizard, only to find that the only additional control you get is over the install location?

But how often do you review your settings?  Every now and again, I like to take a minute to go back through settings of common applications I use.  I may change my mind on one or two things, or maybe an upgrade has added things that weren’t previously there.  This especially true of online applications like Gmail that are regularly upgraded, because new settings and functionality are often added without you realising.

Maybe even see if there’s a blog that might announce the new settings that you can subscribe to in your feed reader of choice?  I subscribe to all the blogs for Google software that I use.

So go on, take a look at Tools->Options and see if there’s something in there that might freshen your experience a bit.  No harm in taking a look, is there?