TortoiseSVN Tip

Another tip, this time for those of you that use TortoiseSVN. You may already be doing this, and I’m catching up with the crowd, but I think it’s pretty neat.

  1. Checkout a respository to a local path on your machine. It might be a few folder levels deep: C:\Sourcecode\Projects\WorkMain.
  2. Create a shortcut to the root checked-out folder on your desktop.

Now you can right-click the shortcut on your desktop to access the TSVN commands like Update, Commit and View Log etc without having to actually open the folder. If, like me, you always update and commit the root then this can be quite handy:

TSVN via shortcut

Also, as an added bonus, now that you have a shortcut on your desktop, if you install and use Launchy, it’ll index it for you and make it possible to open the folder without minimising everything

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