FogBugz + Launchy

Here’s a cool tip for you Launchy users out where who also use FogBugz.

Setup FogBUGZ as a weby URL, and enjoy quick-fire access to your FogBugz cases. Here’s how:

  1. Download and install Launchy.
  2. Open Launchy (ALT+SPACE by default, but I changed mine to WIN+A).
  3. Click the settings button (cog icon at top-right).
  4. Select Weby in the “Available Plugins” section.
  5. Click the plus (+) button at the bottom right to add a new link.
  6. Enter the following (without all the quotes):

    Launchy Plugins Setup

Now you can view a FogBugz case by doing the following:

  1. ALT+SPACE (or your shortcut to open Launchy).
  2. Enter “FogBugz”(or type “fog” and select fogbugz from the list, from then on, FogBugz will come up first when you enter “fog”).
  3. Press TAB.
  4. Enter a FogBugz case number and hit ENTER.

Your default browser opens up right at the FogBugz case page. How neat is that?

5 thoughts on “FogBugz + Launchy

  1. I had a problem that I wanted to share for anyone else that might have the same setup that I did. I have a habit of putting my bookmarks and shortcuts in one folder, pointing Launchy at it, then letting Launchy re-index that folder at will. Within the specified amount of time, I have quick access to anything new in that folder.

    So I was following your directions above (over and over and over), and couldn’t get them to work. Everything looked fine, but the command didn’t seem to be passing the parameter (in my case, the bug number) to the browser.

    After months of re-visiting the problem (thinking that a fresh look would help), today I finally realized that I actually had a shortcut in that folder where I store all of my bookmarks/shortcuts to FogBugz, This shortcut was set up to send me to the FogBugz home page. It turns out that the shortcut took precedence over my Weby additions. When I renamed the shortcut and the Weby plugin information, then re-catalogued, it worked like a charm.

    I hope this helps anyone that has the same weird, unexplainable behavior.

    1. Well spotted! Actually, Launchy will have had *both* FogBugz shortcuts, because the other one would’ve been in the drop-down. If you scroll down in the dropdown and press enter to select one, Launchy remembers that in future and will use it.

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