So… Who’s to blame?

Often when working in a team of developers, you find you’re coming across code that doesn’t work. A method that throws an exception, or a file that was added to the project but not checked into source control that prevents the application from building successfully.

Well, if your first instinct is to ask yourself “what have I done?”, then that’s commendable but not necessarily the quickest way to solve your problem. Sod’s Law may come to your rescue.

Sometimes the only way to spot your own mistakes is to ask someone else (or, worse still, blame them thinking it was their fault). The chances are you’ll work it out before they even open their mouths. Of course if you don’t, then you get egg on your face.

So while this may not do wonders for your pride, you may find that the very thought process of asking the question forces you to organise things in your head in such a way as to make you see the light.  Even if you’re just stuck on a seemingly unsolvable problem, having a sounding board can often help the thought process.

Try it out, let me know what you think.

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